Age of War 2

In Age of War 2, you have to devise a strategic mix of offense and defense as you do battle against the computer. Each of you starts with a cave which will act as your home base. The goal of the game is to be the first to destroy your opponents cave. You don't want to simply go all out kamikaze mode on the computer's base though. You will need to defend your own base too! Build turrets above your cave to protect it from intruders. Be sure to check in on your base from time to time to upgrade the defenses there. Also be aware that there is no one super unit. The four units you can train are all strong against one other unit. Heavy beats Infantry ... Infantry beats Support .... Support beats Anti-Armor... and Anti-Armor beats Heavy. Keep this in mind and try to counter the computer with units that will give you the advantage. When in doubt, keep clicking!

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